Mike, you’re still not getting it


Mike Daisey: Reports of my Death have been Greatly Exaggerated: “Especially galling is how many are gleefully eager to dance on my grave expressly so they can return to ignoring everything about the circumstances under which their devices are made. Given the tone, you would think I had fabulated an elaborate hoax, filled with astonishing horrors that no one had ever seen before.”

Your skills as a storyteller are not in dispute. What we’re at odds with is that you were asked if the events you talked about in the first person in your story were true, and you said yes. Not once, but repeatedly. To different people.

That indicates a pattern of deception that many of us are quite uncomfortable with.

If you fail to appreciate the distinction, Mike, we have nothing further to talk about.

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  1. His Shadow says:

    I’m already seeing some pretty clueless accusations that “Apple fans” will now ignore absolutely everything about China. But whats really being ignored is that Apple’s most strident critics based the most damning accusations on Daisey’s claims of kennel like dorms, 12 and 11 year old workers so common he ran into them at the gate with no effort, and armed guards giving the air of a concentration camp. A 15 year old in a factory where the minimum age is 16 is a regulatory oversight issue. An 11 year old is a child labour issue and a damning indictment. But now that Daisey’s claims are exposed as nonsense, we are back to less emotional, more rational discussions of oversight and age checks, which Apple itself instituted years ago and continues to monitor. We can also rationally discuss cost of living vs Foxconn’s higher wage without the implication that Foxconn uses press gangs to force children to work under armed guards.

    Fabulists like Daisey and the people whom have uncritically repeated his claims as fact have made rational discussion of the labour situation in China into an emotionally laden firebomb of an issue. Now that Daisey has been exposed, we can clean up not Apple’s reputation (although to some degree it does) but more importantly restore sanity to the discussion with out the histrionics of child slave labour claims that have turned out to be false.

  2. His Shadow says:

    As an aside, I listened to the retraction show on American Life and now I want to punch Daisey in the head. To me his voice was dripping with arrogance and condescension as he defended what he knew to be lies.

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